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We offer modern modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software created by specialists for specialists, supporting business entity management in terms of resources, processes and decisions, as well as an indispensable source of information about the company’s condition.
Enova365 is the first system available locally and in the public or private cloud, and in the multi version also in web mode on any stationary and mobile device.

Basic features

– Flexibility: constantly updated software in line with business trends, and with the current legislation allowing the creation of specially tailored internal procedures.

– A system prepared for any of small, medium, large Polish also cooperating in the field of data exchange for foreign entities having their branches in Poland;

– Multivariant – available in 3 variants – silver, gold and platinum;

Silver variant:

for micro and small enterprises to several positions equipped with standard functions.

The gold variant:

for medium and large enterprises, also for multi-branch enterprises. The system has an extended functionality in relation to the silver variant, and allows the user to define additional features for any elements independently. Such features are promotions when creating data, reports and analyzes.

Platinum variant:

for multi-branch enterprises, corporations and capital groups (multi-company) that require predefined functionality. A feature of the platinum variant is the unlimited possibility of expanding the system by adding additional modules, as well as modifying data using forms or functions.

Modularity – consists of the following areas of activity:

HR and payroll is an indispensable tool in HR management, wage calculation, calculation of ZUS and taxes.

The Accounting module is a comprehensive tool for recording business events as well as data control and analysis. Enova365 The trading book has manual and automated functions for recording documents and business operations. In order to improve the management of liabilities and receivables, the operator of the module has a payment plan and automated debt collection as well as a quick balance option. Enova365 Inventory Book a system compliant with the National (CRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) in the scope of assets management, with particular emphasis on the Classification and Record of Fixed Assets. Enova365 Tax book – a system compliant with legislation in the field of tax law, VAT, excise tax. allows for quick and efficient generation of declarations.

Trade module task, which is issuing and entering all trade documents (FV, invoices, receipts, invoices to receipts) and warehouse (PZ, WZ, MM, ZD, RW, RO), as well as warehouse management, order records and offer creation. The module works in entities with every business profile. It has the necessary tools to manage data such as: prices, goods, services, contractors, offices.
The module is related to the Cash Records, extending the possibilities of settlements with contractors, as well as with the Documents Register and the VAT Registry. This module allows you to generate basic reports.

Production module created for entities involved in production and processing, in which the operator has an influence on defining and modifying the technological assumptions, production orders and their modification, creating documents RW, PZ, ZD.

The CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool far beyond the subject of customer relationship management, which, apart from the basic function of collecting and processing data of contractors / clients, enables management and coordination of work in organizations by separating tasks for groups that are strictly defined people and then controls of the task. Additional development of the CRM Module is Enova Workflow in the field of work management in the orgazizaji at the management and management level, and Enova Serwis necessary in the case of service companies (eg accepting IT service orders).

BI Module (Business Intelligence) – an analytics tool that allows quick access to information and presentation of data necessary eg for the board of directors, shareholders and auditors to create complex analyzes.

In addition, Enova365 has specialized extensions dedicated to a specific type of business.

If you are interested in purchasing software, please contact our CENTRALCOM customer service department:

TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
FAX: 12-294-19-31
MOB.: 501-48-31-89





TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
FAX: 12-294-19-31
KOM.: 501-48-31-89


TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
KOM.: 501-48-31-89


TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
KOM.: 501-48-31-89