Projects and construction of copper and fiber optic networks.
We offer:
– network infrastructure design;
– welding of fiber optics;
– fiber optic distribution boards – delivery, welding, assembly;
– fiber optic couplers;
– measurements of optical fiber attenuation;
– removing fiber network failures;
– laying copper cabling and fiber optics;
– design and construction of wireless networks – Mikrotik, Ubiquiti;
– selection of the appropriate hardware and software platform;
– network configuration;
– VPN configuration between remote branches;
– VPN tunnels fixed and dialed for mobile customers;
– traffic monitoring in networks, traffic management, website blocking etc .;
– installation and configuration of software;
– advanced server configuration;
– configuration of Internet access, firewall;
– dedicated power supply installation, protecting servers, gates, routers, firewalls and other devices most important in the network against dangerous effects of power failure or lack of mains voltage;
– professional anti-overvoltage protection devices in the network;
– selection of optimal economic solutions along with cost calculation;
– punctually provided services of the highest quality;
– IT experience;
– high-quality materials at a reasonable price;
– network equipment of renowned and proven companies;
– legal software at attractive prices;
– reasonable prices of all materials and the work itself;
We offer service care over all ICT equipment and network administration. We also administer networks made by other companies. We encourage you to conclude a maintenance contract for your network.
Also we offer:

 Cabinets for computer systems – type BETA-SYSTEM 19”

Standard wardrobe is equipped with two side covers, front door, rear cover, roof, four load-bearing columns – made of 1.5 mm and 2 mm steel sheet. The w  hole is completed by legs or wheels. The side covers can be permanently mounted to the cabinet frame, and can also be fixed to the cabinet by means of hermetic locks (IP 44), which ensures quick and comfortable access to its interior. The back cover, depending on the needs, can be mounted permanently or with the possibility of opening it, and so made that it will be possible to route any type of cabling and connect devices of all kinds. In addition, all locks used in the assembly of the switchgear can be opened with a single key. To the pillars – the skeleton of the cabinet, perforated slats are transversely fastened, constituting the base for the remaining elements of the structure. As standard, perforated and profiled slats in a vertical arrangement are also screwed to them, which in turn enable direct assembly of 19 “cassettes. These cabinets are used to assemble computer systems and control apparatus used in general construction and industrial automation systems.
Hanging cabinets for a 19 “computer system – SWK and SWK type
SWK cabinets are made of 1 and 1.5 mm steel sheet. The rear has a screw cover and mounting holes on the wall. The doors are equipped with a glass and patent lock. At the bottom of the cabinet there are cable entries. The apparatus is mounted in a horizontal plane, changing the distance from the front. The height of these brackets is depending on the 6U, 10U or 12U version. Cabinets are painted powder-coated in RAL 9002 color.
Distributive-counter boxes, wall or concealed installation – type NRL

Electrical parameters:
continuous continuous current:
– specifies the data sheet In <100 A
– rated switching voltage: Un = 380 V
– rated insulation voltage: Ui = 500V
– protection class: I
– degree of protection: IP 30
– degree of environmental pollution: 3
Operating conditions:
– air humidity ÷ 50%,
– ambient temperature: max. 40 ° C min -5 ° C
– Execution of the LV switchgear housing:
– 1 mm thick steel sheet, with protection
– RAL 9002 lacquer coating applied by electrostatic method.
– Installation method: buildings in the wall.




TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
FAX: 12-294-19-31
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TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
KOM.: 501-48-31-89


TEL.: 12-294-19-31 / 12-379-39-01
KOM.: 501-48-31-89